VE-M5 Monocular Microscope

The VE-M5 microscope can fulfill all kinds of basic and advanced procedures. Its area of application is not limited to education, it can be applied in clinical laboratories for observation of blood samples, parasite identification and urinary sediment sample observation, due to its immersion objective. Includes a rear cable-winding reel for the power adapter. Recommended for educational use that does not require comprehensive observations such as viewing the basic elements of a cell, samples of plant tissues, protozoa, filamentous fungi, sperm, etc.


EYEPIECE Eyepiece: WF 10X/18 mm with block screw and pointer
NOSEPIECE Nosepieces: Quadruple
OBJECTIVES 4X, 10X, 40X (S) and 100X (S) (oil)
Optical System: Achromatic 
STAGE Stage: Double layer with coaxial movement X-Y 130 x 130 mm
CONDENSER Condenser: Abbe, N.A. 1.25 with elevator
DIAPHRAGM Diaphragm: Iris type with filter holder.
FOCUSING Focus: Coarse and fine anti-slip control knob 
DIMENSIONS Dimensions: 147 x 350 x 224 mm/5.7" x 13.72" x 8.8"
POWER SUPPLY Three 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries (included). 110/240V, 50/60 Hz AC adapter.


  • Stationary, robust and reinforced body
  • LED lighting with intensity adjustment
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to transport
  • Colored objevtive rings for easy identification
  • Monocular head inclined at 45 ° and rotatable 360 °
  • Non-slip lenses with metallic finish
  • Finished in epoxy paint
  • Stage with clamps and stop with height adjustment

  • Education
  • Clinical

  • AC/DC adapter
  • Color filters green, yellow and blue
  • Dust cover.
  • Immersion oil.


10-years limited warranty