About us


Founded in 1997, VELAB is a new generation manufacturer of laboratory and industrial equipment.

We are widely recognized for precision in optical devices, innovative weighing technology, and state of the art centrifuges and spectrophotometry.

Throughout the years we have developed an international supply chain, enabling the company to deliver quality products and responsive service to customers around the globe. Our distribution relationships ensure that VELAB consistently meets customer needs, at the best price-performance ratio.


We highly value innovation and consider it our main objective. The key to VELAB’s innovative tradition is continued and thorough collaboration with the scientific, medical, and industrial community.


VELAB is dedicated to continuous improvement of quality and characteristics of its entire product line. Our engineers are constantly researching and developing new solutions. Our direct relationship with customers & distributors allows us to develop a range of products that fit everyone’s needs.


VELAB is committed to delivering high quality products and offering outstanding support to our customers worldwide.