VE-M1 Monocular Microscope

The VE-MI microscope was specially designed for educational purposes. Ideal for basic science applications and field work thanks to its rechargeable battery and up to 40 continuous hours of usage on a single charge. It’s simple design and excellent quality make it ideal for the observation of flowers, plants, fungi, pollen, insect extremities, protozoa and mold on bread or fruit.

Eyepiece: WF 10X/18 mm with block screw.
Nosepiece: Triple 
Objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X  (S)
Optical System: Achromatic
Stage: Fixed de 94 x 94 mm/3.7" x 3.7"
Condenser: N.A. 0.65.
Diaphragm: Disk type.
Focus: Coarse anti-slip control knobs.
Ilumination: LED, transmittd and incident
Dimensions: 140 x 330 x 170mm/5.51 x 12.99" x 6.69"
Power Supply: Three 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries (included) 110/240, 50/60 Hz AC adapter

  • Monocular head inclined at 45 ° and rotatable 360 °.
  • High performance LED lighting.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Stative, robust and reinforced body.
  • High performance LED lighting.
  • Finished in epoxy paint.
  • Stage with clamps and stop with height adjustment.

  • Education

  • AC/DC adapter.
  • Dust cover

10-years limited warranty