VE-5600UV UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

It is equipped with a Windows platform program that allows you to collect and analyze data in Excel model. Its LED display is easy to read from any angle to reduce visual fatigue after several hours of work. In addition, Halogen-Tungsten and Deuterium lamps can be switched on and off independently to extend their life. It has a large sample compartment and accepts several adapters for different tubes and cells.


Wavelength range: 190 - 1100 nm.

Bandwidth: 2 nm.

Wavelength accuracy: ± 0.8 nm.

Wavelength repeatability: 0.3 nm.

Calibration: Automatic
Optical system: Simple, 1200 lines per mm grid.

Photometric precision: ± 0.3% T.

Photometric repeatability: ± 0.2% T.

Stability: 0.002 A / h at 500nm.

Diffused light: ≤ 0.05% T at 220nm and 360 nm.

Data interfaces: USB A / B, RS-232 port for printer

Screen: LCD 

Light source: Halogen/Tungsten (Visible) and Deuterium (ultraviolet) Lamp

Detector: Silicon photodiode.

Power Supply: 110/220v, 50/60 Hz, 3.15 A, AC Adapter

Dimensions: 460 x 380 x 230 mm/18.1" x 14.9" x 9.0"

  • It is an analytical instrument with high precision and photometric stability.
  • Additional option for connection to operation software and data download (not included).
  • Alphanumeric board for easy programming.
  • 10 mm 4-hole cell holder slider.
  • It has a menu of settings and self-evaluation.

  •  Measurement of absorbance.
  • Transmittance measurement
  • Quantitative analysis using concentration curves.
  • Dynamic measurements over a defined period

    • Glass cells (4)
    • Dust cover

    1-year limited warranty