VE-6000T UV- VIS Spectrophotometer w/ 7" Touch Screen

The VE-6000T is ideal for applications in various fields such as pharmaceutical, medical and health services, chemical engineering, energy, machinery, metallurgy, environmental protection, geology, food, biology, materials, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and many other industries. The VE-6000T also plays an important role in teaching, research in higher education, measurement science and research institutes, quality control in production, raw materials and product analysis, and is commonly used in physicochemical laboratories. The VE-6000T is fitted with an innovative, user-friendly touch screen.

Wavelength range: 190 – 1100 nm

Bandwidth: 2.0 nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±0.5 nm

Wavelength repeatability: ≤0.2 nm.

Calibration: Automatic 

Optical system: Simple, 1200 lines per mm grid

Diffused light: ≤0.7%T a 220 nm, 360 nm.

Photometric range: 0.200%T, -4.0 – 4A, 0-9999C.

Screen: 6 ”touch screen.

Data interface: USB A / B port, USB 2.0

Photometric repeatability: ≤0.15%T (0-100%T)

Stability: ±0.001A/h (500nm)

Light source: Tungsten (Visible) and Deuterium (UV).

Detector: Silicon Photodiode

Dimensions: 480 x 340 x 200 mm/ 18.8” x 13.3” x 7.8”.

Power Supply: 110-220V, 50/60 Hz, 3.15 A, AC Adapter


  • Equipment with a high resolution optical system.
  • Data storage on computer equipment.
  • High precision and reproducibility in your data analysis.
  • Data export to an excel compatible format.
  • 10 mm 4-hole cell holder slider.
  • The touch screen favors its proper operation and data display.

  • Photometric, quantitative and kinetic analysis
  • Performs wavelength scans

  • Quartz cells 10 mm (2)
  • Glass cells 10 mm (4)
  • Plastic cover

1-year limited warranty