Trinocular Microscope with integrate tablet. VE-B6 PAD


The VE-B6PAD is a professional microscope, ideal for research, higher education and routine work in clinical laboratories. Equipped with our SCOPEPAD device, which consists of a 5.0MP digital camera integrated into a completely removable 9.7” tablet with the Android operating system. The VE-B6PAD includes the IMS Camera application which allows to edit and measure captures, as well as IAS Camera for particle counting. It offers an innovative digital solution and can also be configured optionally to be compatible with a phase contrast kit and polarization set.

Ficha técnica

EYEPIECE: WF 10X/20mm 
NOSEPIECE: Quadruple 
OBJECTIVES: 4X, 10X, 40X (S) and 100X (S) (oil)
STAGE: Double layer with coaxial movement X-Y 150 x 132 mm / 5.9" x 5.1"
CONDENSER: Abbe, N.A. 1.25 with elevator
DIAPHRAGM: Iris type
FOCUS: Coarse and fine anti-slip control knob
DIMENSIONS: 265 x 420 x 180 mm/15.32" x 13.77" x 7.0"
POWER SUPPLY: Three 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries (included)

  • Diopter adjustment in one eyepiece.
  • Siedentopf type Trinocular Head.
  • Head inclined at 30 ° and rotatable 360°
  • Interpupillary distance of 48 ~ 75 mm.
  • Objectives with colored rings.
  • Tablet for viewing, capturing of photo and video, and basic digital editing.
  • Stative, robust, reinforced and easy to transport.
  • Lighting with intensity adjustment and field diaphragm in lamp.
  • Stage with vernier, millimeter scale, caliper and stop with height adjustment.
  • Interchangeable condenser for phase contrast and darkfield (not included).
  • Phototube with a diameter of 23 mm, to adapt the tablet.


  • Education: Upper grade levels
  • Research
  • Clinical

  • Dust cover
  • AC/DC Adapter 
  • Blue, green and yellow filter
  • Immersion oil
  • Adapter rings Φ 30 and Φ 30.5 mm.
  • Mount lens adaoter 0.5x

    10-years limited warranty