VE-S4 Stereoscopic Binocular Microscope with Zoom System

Ideal for higher education, research and industry, the VE-S4 is a versatile device, useful in production procedures or quality inspection of industrial products, thanks to its zoom system.

Its Greenough design allows three-dimensional observation of insects. The VE-S4 is ideal in the dissection and classification of organisms in entomology and taxonomy, as well as for observation and selection of viable embryos in livestock.

Eyepiece: WF 10x/20 mm 
Objectives:Variable Magnification Zoom System 0.7X, 0.8X, 0.9X, 1X, 1.5X,
2X, 2.5X and 3X (from 7 to 30 total increases).
Stage: Interchangeable 60 mm/2.3" diameter stage, opaque glass and double-sided white/black
Focus: Coarse anti-slip control knob.
Ilumination: Transmitted and incident LED
Power supply: 110/240V, 50/60 Hz AC adapter.
Dimensions: 200 x 340 x 275 mm/ 7.8" x 13.3" x 10.8" 


  • Binocular head, inclined at 60 °.
  • Interpupillary distance of 55 ~ 75mm
  • Diopter adjustment in one eyepiece.
  • Anti-slip ring on lens and cap.
  • Stage with clamps.
  • Lighting with independent switches.
  • Stable, robust, reinforced and easy to transport.
  • Two interchangeable plates: opaque glass, for transmitted light and double-sided white / black, for incident light.

  • Education: Lower grade level.
  • Industrial
  • Research

  • Dust cover.
  • Power cord.


10-years limited warranty.